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DAY 58

On behalf of the Derrick Thomas/Neil Smith Third and Long Foundation, and the students we serve, we give a robust #58 Salute to everyone who participated in our “Derrick Thomas Day #58” fundraiser. With your generosity, we raised more than $27,000 last year! 

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Timing for this program has a special significance because of our desire to honor Derrick during Black History month and memorable for many as we recognize the 23rd year of his untimely departure from us.


What started out as an idea inspired by one of our board members, came together as one of the most successful philanthropic events for the organization.  Like other non- profits, we were tackled by the Covid-19 pandemic, but continued to meet the needs of students and families during this time. Because of your generous contributions, we were able to “move the giving cup down the field” and score a “Touchdown”! It’s a win for us and because of you, we’ve decided to capture this day as an annual event!

Thanks to the many supporters who continue to be encouraged by the mission and vision of our late founder, and leader, #58, Derrick Thomas. Derrick vowed to help the community he cherished. Since 1999, the Foundation has been able to continue his goal to sack illiteracy with the support and leadership of our chairman Neil Smith and our allies by providing educational programming to “58” students receiving tutorial services by certified instructors.

Volunteers have rallied with us to serve families by organizing a food drive and providing holiday baskets. 

The board members have been steadfast in ensuring graduating seniors from across the city have the opportunity to continue their education through our scholarship program.

Lastly, our partners continue to assist us in identifying and honoring high school seniors for their community service in the Greater Kansas City Area! 


These were many of the “off the field activities” that Derrick embraced as he gave back to the city he loved. Our Foundation, with your help, has been able to keep his vision alive for the past 25 years!


Meet the Day 58 Sponsors

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Platinum Level Sponsors

Papa Johns Network & Bo C.

American Shaman

William T. Kemper II, Charitable Trust

WHB 810 Crunchtime Radio & Frank B.

John G.

FBI Citizens Academy

Tim G.

Michael R.

David K.

Serena S.

Pizza Hut Alumni

Gold Level Sponsors

John S.

Suzann B.

Leo K.

Kelly B

Carl P.

Mary S.

Don C.

Bill S.

Jamie T.

Laura G.

Silver Level Sponsors

Lance T.

Chris D.

Kathleen K.

Julie H.

David C.

Simon S.

Rick M.

Bob K.

Michael T.

Jack & Mimi N.

Terri K-R

Dr. Marjorie W.

DeAngela B-W

Jane P.

Marjorie M.

Mike M.

Daniel C.

Sandy C.

Andria M.

Kevin K.

LeAndra M.

Global Voip, LLC

Joel C.

Ian B.

Christopher M.

Rick T.

Don C.

Darin K.

Ron S.

Jeffrey W.

Charles R.

Pat W.

Christy C-R

Michael M.

Harry P.

Betty B.

Deborah S.

Julie H.

Kaye T.

Stephen W.

Bronze Level Sponsors

Kristen P.

Cathy K.

Brad B.

Charles P.

Patricia D.

Shawn D.

Melissa S.

Khyati K.

Rookie Sports 

Jenna L.

Justin D.

Taylor P.

Mary B.

Matt B.

Jesse M.

Donal D.

Grace A.

Molly R.

Nick C.

Luke S.

Lisa A.


Akshoy M.

Amanda N.

Brian C.

Lisa M.

Dawn H.

Matt W.

Alan F. 

Bobby M.

Greg G.

Christopher W.

Tereta M.

Lora C.

Jennifer S.

Benjamin D.

Seth S.

Mitch M.

Chris A.

Cheryl J.

Becky D.

Danielle R.

Brenda P.

Margaret W.

Cathy R.

Karen W.

Sheri C.

Meogan B.

Dillon R.

Sydney S.

Tate T.

Wendee W.

Richard P.

Cathy R.

Cathy C.

Mitch M.

Jeffrey G.

Bryant S.

Bob P.

Lam L.

Eric C.

Amanda C.

Charles C.

Bill R. 

Dana M.


Andy W.

Eric H.

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